What Is The Singingbelt


What Is The Singingbelt Breathing For Singing Made Easy Created by critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and vocal coach Ruth Gerson, the Singingbelt is an innovative training device made of adjustable nylon straps that is worn to teach the singer how to use the diaphragm and master breath support. The Singingbelt makes breathing for singing easy to […]

Breath Placement What is Breath Placement?

Breath Placement – What is Breath Placement? “Breath Placement” is the place in the mouth where the singer aims and focusses the air creating resonance and a steady tone. If the air flow is unfocussed and moving around in the mouth, notes will waver and sound off pitch. This becomes more noticeable while singing steeper […]

How To Get Your Kids To Practice Music

How To Get Your Kids To Practice Music “How do I get my kid to practice music?” As a vocal coach, I am often asked this question regarding my younger and young adult students. To learn music is excellent for brain development and improves brain function. Learning to sing, play piano or any instrument is […]

The Singingbelt Story

The Singingbelt Story The Singingbelt Is Like Having A Vocal Coach With You Wherever You Are! Ruth Gerson had toured the world as a singer/songwriter, sold over 75,000 records as an independent artist and appeared with her band on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” before she ever dreamed of creating the Singingbelt. The Singingbelt makes breathing […]

The Singingbelt System FAQ

The Singingbelt System FAQ What is included in the Singingbelt System? The Singingbelt A revolutionary device in vocal training invented by star vocal coach Ruth Gerson. The Singingbelt was created in the classroom to teach singers how to use the diaphragm, support the voice and master breathing for singing. Instructional Video Shows singers how the diaphragm […]

How The Diaphragm Works

How The Diaphragm Works The Singingbelt Vocal Techniques Make Breath Support Easy MY SINGING TEACHER SAYS TO “SUPPORT YOUR VOICE” AND “SING FROM YOUR DIAPHRAGM.” WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO USE BREATH CONTROL? WHAT DOES THE DIAPHRAGM LOOK LIKE? The Singingbelt makes breathing for singing easy to learn. It’s unique design improves vocal technique and […]

What Is The Correct Position Of The Tongue And The Jaw While Singing?

What Is The Correct Position Of The Tongue And The Jaw While Singing? When even good singers are not properly supporting their voices, all kinds of other things happen that work against effortless singing. Have you ever watched an otherwise excellent athlete try to swim, when he doesn’t know correct form? He can get across […]

Stage Fright

Stage Fright How To Overcome Stage Fright Recently, at one of my favorite clubs to play I had the fight or flight response when I got on stage. My heart started throbbing in my chest, my throat got tight, and I felt like I had to pee. I was looking forward to being back home […]

Are Singing Lessons Safe for Kids?

Are Singing Lessons Safe For Kids? I am often asked if it is safe for children to take voice lessons.  A child’s health and safety are a parent’s first consideration, even when it comes to how to learn to sing. The body isn’t a machine. Vocal cords are small, delicate membranes. It is easier to […]