How to Sing Better with the Singing Techniques of the Singingbelt System

A revolution in voice training, the Singingbelt is a unique device that helps singers understand how the diaphragm works, so that breathing for singing becomes easy. Created by renowned vocal coach Ruth Gerson, the vocal techniques of the Singingbelt System will help you train your voice, as you learn how to sing on pitch, belt, widen your range, hold high notes and relieve vocal strain. Sing better as you learn to support the voice with an even, steady breath. The singing lessons of the Singingbelt vocal training system (provided in the instructional DVD and vocal warm-up CD package) will teach you the four major components of great singing: Breath Support, Breath Placement, Positioning of the Tongue, Mouth, Jaw, Larynx and Palate, and Ear Training….more

Ruth is an exceptional singer with a powerful and expressive voice. She is insightful and intelligent and has a great gift for sharing her knowledge of the voice and songwriting with her students. The Singingbelt is ingenious. I’ve seen Ruth work with a singer for an hour and get the results we needed in the studio immediately.

– Rick Chertoff (five time Grammy-nominated producer, Cindy Lauper, Joan Osborne, Sophie B. Hawkins

Singing begins and ends with the breath.

Only a small amount of air is needed to actually sing. It is all the air underneath it that supports the voice. The Singingbelt shows you how to keep the air underneath the voice by keeping the diaphragm in a flexed position.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been singing for years, diaphragmatic breath support can seem mysterious. The air we use to sing is invisible and we don’t feel the weight of it with our bodies, however air has mass and the air pressure created by the singer can have an enormous amount of energy. Maintaining the diaphragm in a flexed position in order to control the breath is the secret to power, sustain, tone, pitch, endurance and effortless singing…..more

I am loving the Singingbelt. It has given me so much insight into the mechanics of singing and I must be improving because I am getting nice signs of approval from my band mates!

– Lisa Gutkin, The Klezmatics

The Singingbelt Story

Ruth Gerson had toured the world as a singer/songwriter, sold over 75,000 records as an independent artist and appeared with her band on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” before she ever dreamed of creating the Singingbelt.

“The Singingbelt itself was created in the classroom, out of necessity. I had always enjoyed teaching and coaching other singers and songwriters privately, as I pursued my own career. I became the to-go-to vocal coach in NYC for singers who were suffering with vocal strain. ….more