I've only seen Bob Dylan play live 11 or 12 times. My best friend laughs at me -- he's seen him over a hundred. Bob Dylan's singing and performing shaped my mind and what I believe in. He has influenced anything I've ever sung.

Arj Baker is a rock star -- a rock star comedian, actor, and writer. His improvisational style makes every show a bit different, so you can go at least twice to get your fill while he's in town.

A singing teacher to the stars, David Stroud was commissioned during the American Idol Season 8 tour as a vocal teacher for touring idols. His latest creation is a voice instruction app called VocalizeU.

We had a fun time with our first live interview featuring Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb. Her latest work is a children's book and album released by Sterling Publishing. Lisa Loeb's Silly Sing-Along, The Disappointing Pancake and Other Za...

In the magnificent finale of Puff, the Magic Dragon, a fully dimensional Puff greets readers, presenting them with the book's accompanying audio CD, which features four songs recorded by Peter Yarrow.

In our first songwriting exercise we began with a letter, writing to someone we feel intensely about, regarding something...

Dennis Diken: The Roots of Jersey Rock

Dennis Diken is the drummer and a founding member of New Jersey's rock 'n' roll band The Smithereens. He is a mensch, a fountain of knowledge, a supreme musician, and a great story teller.